We may already be a week into 2019, but that doesn’t mean the celebratory mood is over… well for Justin Timberlake, that is. The singer, 37, just gushed over a gorgeous photo of his wife, Jessica Biel, on Instagram and we’re so here for it.

The actress, 36, posted a photo rockin’ workout clothes for an ad campaign with Gaiam and Amazon. Of course, she looks amazing and her hubby had to express it. “Happy New Year to ME,” he wrote followed by a flame emoji.

Jessica Biel's Instagram Comment From Justin Timberlake

Yet his isn’t the first time Justin publicly gushed over his bae. Back in October after releasing his memoir, Hindsight & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me, the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” singer got candid about his wife of six years, expressing how in love he is. “I’ve watched my wife change. I’ve watched her body change. It’s a temple. It should be worshiped. It should be marveled at. I’m fascinated by her. She’s everything, man. She just constantly surprises me with who she is, and who she’s becoming, and I really hope I do the same for her. I’m excited to see what she’s going to do next. I wake up and roll over and look at her, and I’m inspired,” Justin wrote about Jessica. Aw!

A month prior to that, Justin also showed his support for his wife’s Emmy nomination for her role in The Sinner. “I’m more geeked out than she is,” he said on the red carpet. “I found out about the nomination before she did — she was in Europe, actually, when the nominations came out — but, yeah, I was there to watch her option this and develop it from scratch… I saw how much she put into it.” He continued, “And so, I’m just so proud to be here and see this happen for her.” Ugh, how can you not love these two?!