Actress Jessica Biel has made it seem like she has the perfect marriage. “We believe in loyalty, honesty. We like to have fun. We like a lot of the same things,” the brunette beauty has said of her husband, Justin Timberlake. “He supports everything that I do. And that’s [why] I think he’s such a wonderful partner.”

But there’s one decision Justin just can’t support. “Jessica wants to wait to have more children,” an insider tells In Touch, “while Justin desperately wants another baby right now.” Before their 2012 wedding, the 7th Heaven alum promised the singer they’d have a big family, the insider says. Then she had their son, Silas, 2, and now the 35-year-old isn’t sure about baby No. 2.

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It’s caused so much tension in their marriage that Justin, 36, and Jessica have “been seeking therapy,” says the insider. “Justin seems miserable.” He feels like his wife went back on her word. Originally, “Jessica had planned to raise their kids without nannies and even considered moving out of LA,” the insider explains.

But she experienced some major career boosts: In March 2016, Jessica and her partners opened the popular, kid-friendly eatery Au Fudge in West Hollywood. Nearly a year later, she returned to TV as the star and executive producer of the celebrated USA crime drama The Sinner. Now, says the insider, “Jessica feels that there’s no rush [to have more kids]. And Justin feels like Jessica’s changed their plans without notice.”

Work isn’t the only thing stopping Jessica from expanding her family. Trust has long been an issue in their marriage. In 2014, Justin was spied getting cozy with his backup singer Zenya Ashford at a nightclub in Paris. “Jessica worries when Justin travels for work,” says the insider. “What wife in her position wouldn’t? She is constantly in fear that other women are throwing themselves at him.”

Friends of the couple are praying the duo can overcome their issues. “Jessica and Justin could use time alone to rekindle their love. They could use a vacation,” says the insider. “They’re both loved by those who know them, and everyone is rooting for their marriage to work. But right now, things don’t look good.”