Bonnie + Damon = BFFs 4ever!

In a new interview with ‘Life & Style,’ actress Kat Graham — who plays Bonnie on the smash hit The Vampire Diaries — admits it was a blast having her co-star Ian Somerhalder (the one and only Damon Salvatore) direct the cast on a recent episode.

“It was so fun! We work in a very similar way because we have the same acting coach,” she says about the recent experience. “We were already in tune with each other before we got on set.”

In fact, Ian proved to be an incredible teacher.

“It’s interesting because he knows me so well. He can tell if I can do better, so he was pushing me a lot on set to be better,” she tells ‘Life & Style.’ “He just pulled a lot of stuff out of me that a lot of directors who don’t know me as well can’t. It was really exciting to work for him. He was a natural.”

kat graham the vampire diaries ian somerhalder

The 25-year-old triple-threat — who’s teamed up with Degree Women — also talked about attending her very first Grammys this upcoming Sunday!

“I’m just really excited to be around other music artists,” said Kat, who’s also launching her new single, ‘1991,’ on March 10.

Watch the beauty discuss her partnership with Degree, what she’s doing to get ready for the big show on Sunday and her favorite actor on the ‘TVD’ set below!