Shortly after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they were expecting baby No. 3, fans of the royal family have already begun placing bets on their favorite baby names. While some picks are modern, most believe that William and Kate will go the more traditional route when it comes to the moniker.

Their first child, Prince George Alexander Louis, was named after Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI, and a handful of other kings with the same name. His name also pays homage to his grandmother, whose middle name was Alexandra, and Louis was chosen from William’s full name (William Arthur Philip Louis).

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Likewise, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana‘s name also comes with a lot of history. Her parents clearly paid tribute to Prince Charles, the Queen, and the one and only Princess Diana when they named their now two-year-old. However, if her sibling is a girl, Charlotte’s title will change to Princess Royal to show she is the eldest daughter.

As for their third child, there already some names leading the way when it comes to bets. Yes, people are gambling on the name of an unborn child before its gender has even been confirmed. So what are some of the early favorites? Take a look at the list below:


According to British bookmakers Ladbrokes and William Hill, the top girl name so far is Alice, meaning she would be named after one of Queen Victoria’s daughters. Odds are 7-1.


When it comes to boys’ names, the top pick is Arthur with 10-1 odds. Seeing as it is both William and Prince Charles’ middle name, we wouldn’t be surprised if the royal couple chose the name. And who can forget about the legendary English king?

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The odds are 10-1 currently that the little girl will be named after the former Queen. However, Arianne Chernock, an associate professor of British history at Boston University also has her eye on Alexandra and Caroline. “These are queens who were very well-liked in their time. Alexandra, the wife of Edward VII, was much loved. I could see them easily taking that kind of route,” she told the Huff Post.


Kate Middleton’s younger brother would share the name with his newest nephew — but it is also a historically royal name. Odds are 14-1.


Another boy would mean a chance to honor another important male figure in William’s life, his grandfather and the current Duke of Edinburgh. Frederick is also said to be in running.