With Kate Middleton‘s due date just a couple of months away, she has something very important on her mind — Princess Charlotte. A source exclusively told Life & Style that Kate is expecting twin girls, but she’s actually worried about how her daughter will behave once they arrive. “While Charlotte loves putting her hand on Mommy’s bump and feeling the babies move now, Kate’s concerned that she may act up once the babies are born,” the source said.

There are going to be some major changes happening in the royal family, specifically for two-year-old Charlotte. Being a big sister is definitely not something she’s familiar with. “She’s used to being the only girl and loves being the center of attention. So [Prince William and Kate are] going to make sure that Charlotte and George don’t feel pushed out and still get all the attention they need.”

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But with two new babies, it might be tough to dole out the attention equally, which is why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the keys to making it all work. Not to mention, Meghan has already started playing the auntie role. The source said, “Meghan has been by Kate’s side during the pregnancy and is always helping out. Meghan often cooks healthy meals for Kate to ensure she’s getting all the right nutrients. She adores George and Charlotte and looks after them if Kate wants to take a nap.”

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With all that extra attention from Meghan and Harry, Charlotte should be just fine. As for whether or not William is worried about the babies’ arrival, he couldn’t feel more excited. “William can’t wait for the twins to be born,” the source shared. “He’s a fantastic husband and extremely supportive of Kate.” We’ll just be here, waiting with the rest of the world for the royal twins to make their grand entrance.

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