When it comes to fitness, Katharine McPhee is a “competitive athlete,” her personal trainer Oscar Smith exclusively tells Life & Style, adding she does “not quit” during intense workouts.

So what exactly does her fitness regime consist of? The 36-year-old singer likes to do a little bit of everything. “For upper body, we would focus on a specific body part, then start off what I call ‘the Triangle,'” says Oscar.

Katherine McPhee
Courtesy of Katherine McPhee/Instagram

Then, the last set of upper body workouts is what he refers to as “max reps,” which are pretty intense. “Some days with no weights would be 15 reps of assisted pull-ups, chin-ups, reverse grip pull-ups, close grip pull-ups, wide grip pull-ups, 50 dips, then 50 decline push-ups, 50 incline push-ups, 50 regular push-ups,” he shares, adding that she does this until she either completes three sets or gives up.

Oscar also reveals what cardio he has the brunette beauty doing while training, and it includes, jump rope, sit-ups, box jumps, sprints and running up and down the stairs.

Though Katharine is dedicated to staying fit, she’s not at the gym 24/7. “We would meet at least two times per week depending on her schedule, and each session would be an hour or a bit more depending on her,” he says.

It’s no secret Katharine has a killer voice, and sometimes she likes to practice her singing while exercising. “I mean she really works from the early a.m. to late in the evening,” Oscar says. “She also has a very cute girly side to her as well and very playful … When a song would come on in the studio while we were working out, I was always blown away by her voice.”

Katharine even gave fans a glimpse of her multitasking back in August 2019 when she shared an Instagram video of herself simultaneously singing and working out. “Listen to me gee wiiiizzzz,” she captioned the post at the time. “I’m singing a new little secret song that David [Foster] wrote for something special during my vocal exercises today.”

No wonder she sounds and looks amazing!

Reporting by Diana Cooper