Keanu Reeves keeps his relationship with girlfriend Alexandra Grant extremely private, which is why it came as quite a surprise when he revealed that the last time he felt great joy was when they were in bed together.

“A couple of days ago with my honey,” Keanu, 58, answered in an interview with People published on Tuesday, March 28, about when he last felt bliss. “We were in bed. We were connected. We were smiling and laughing and giggling. Feeling great. It was just really nice to be together,” he continued.

Keanu and Alexandra, 49, met at a dinner party in 2009, but their relationship started out as a professional one. They worked together on various art projects for a decade before coming out as a couple at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles on November 2, 2019.

The pair collaborated on Keanu’s 2011 book Ode to Happiness, which he provided text and she illustrated. The two shared the same duties on their 2016 book, Shadow. The following year, Keanu and Alexandra cofounded the publishing house X Artists’ Books, focused on “thoughtful, high-quality, artist-centered books that fit within and between genres,” according to its website.

The two were photographed together at numerous events, but fans believed it was because they were business partners. Alexandra’s pal, actress Jennifer Tilly, revealed that their romance went further back than anyone realized.

“I remember a couple years ago, about a year and a half ago, [Alexandra] said, ‘Keanu Reeves is my boyfriend’ and I’m like, ‘Wait. What? What? What?’” the Chucky star told Page Six in February 2020, three months after Keanu and Alexandra’s red carpet debut.

“It’s really astonishing to me how in the last five months, all of a sudden, she goes to an event with him and everybody goes insane, like, ‘It’s his new girlfriend,’ because she had gone to a lot of events with him,” Jennifer continued. “It’s just suddenly surfaced that he’s been dating her for several years.”

In March 2020, Alexandra opened up to Vogue about their decision to go public with their relationship. “I think every single person I knew called me in the first week of November, and that’s fascinating,” she revealed, adding, “But the question I’ve been asking in all of this is: ‘What is the opportunity for good.’”

“Alexandra and Keanu are a great team,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly in their March 24, 2023, issue. “She loves cooking him meals at home and they both love film and books. They actually have a little book club just the two of them where they read each other’s favorites.”

A separate insider told the publication in March 2021, that the pair were “head over heels for each other,” adding, “They fit together perfectly, and he really fawns over her when they’re together.” As far as marriage, the source said, “They are in no rush to make it to the altar. They have both been in a lot of serious relationships before, so they are content just being with each other, but nothing is ever off the table.”