Kendall Jenner Rocks a Tight LBD Dress and Boots While Out and About During Milan Fashion Week

Those legs, y’all! Kendall Jenner was spotted rocking a little black dress while out and about during Milan Fashion Week on February 21. Needless to say, we’re totally obsessed with the 24-year-old’s casual yet sexy outfit … but what else did you expect from one of the world’s biggest supermodels?

Along with the tight LBD, Kenny was seen sporting a long leather jacket and boots. Plus, the brunette beauty accessorized with a pair of sunglasses and a hot pink mini purse. Talk about a statement piece!

The KUWTK star was also with her longtime BFF and fellow titan of industry Gigi Hadid, with whom she seemed to be lunching out before arriving at the Versace runway show. Kendall walked in the presentation, flaunting two looks by the legendary fashion house — and even closed the show, which is a high honor for any model.

It’s good to see the Kar-Jenner babe strutting her stuff … considering we don’t see nearly as much of her as we’d like on social media. In fact, her older sister Khloé Kardashian recently called her out for being so MIA on the platforms.

“Loving this Bronde pony! Do I go back to Bronde??? Let me know,” the 36-year-old mama captioned a photo of her new hair color on February 5. “Bronde means blonde and brown mix for those who don’t know.” When Kenny commented that she “100 percent” wanted to see her sister take on the new style, Khlo replied, “You rarely comment on my photos LOL. So I feel like I have to do this just because you commented.” That, friends, is what we call a sister serve.

All in all, it seems that Kenny has other things on her mind — like finding love. “Someone who is confident and I really like a witty person. Someone who can make me laugh,” she said of what she looks for in a partner during a #MyCalvins campaign video which debuted in December 2019. “The sillier you are, the more yourself you are, the more unfiltered you are, I think the better.”

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of Kendall (and her legs!) in a sexy little black dress.