Scrub a dub dub, Kendall Jenner‘s in the tub! The stunning 23-year-old supermodel made jaws drop on June 19 when she took to Instagram with not one, but two steamy mirror selfies straight from her bathtub. And, as is standard while bathing, she was butt naked in them!

“Classic alien hand,” she captioned the pic, poking fun at the grip she had on her phone while snapping the photo. But let’s be real, Kenny — no one even noticed your hand. Well, okay, one fan noticed. “Girl, you need a Popsocket,” they wrote. TBH, that’s not a bad idea. Kendall is running a lot of risk just hovering her phone over the tub like that, but hey, when you have Kardashian money, what’s a $1,000 iPhone?

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classic alien hand

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Everyone else, on the other hand (excuse our pun), was much more focused on her bangin’ bod and stunning makeup-free face. “I swear you slay every time,” said one thrilled follower. Another chimed in, writing, “YES JUST YES QUEEN!” Still, a third couldn’t resist a little joke, adding, “Me when they ask why you take so long in the shower.”

Perhaps Kendall took inspiration for her bathtime selfie from sister Kylie Jenner‘s recent photo shoot with her pal Anastasia Karanikolaou. On June 12, Kylie followed Stassie into the shower to take some flirty pics for the ‘gram, and the blonde bombshell looked absolutely gorgeous in them. Much like Kendall, Stassie covered all of the ~important parts~ with her arms so her natural, makeup-free beauty could shine.

Kendall, of course, is no stranger to showing off her bod in adorable bikinis or high-end dresses. On May 26 she posted a video flaunting her killer abs in the mirror while rocking a pretty polka-dot bikini, for example. But it’s rare that she shares such a vulnerable glimpse at her private time like she did on June 19, and for that we’re grateful.