Hindsight really is 20/20, huh? Just one week prior to the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal that rocked the world, Khloé Kardashian’s BFF Khadijah Haqq, a.k.a Malika Haqqs twin sister, took to Instagram to praise the 21-year-old model for her beauty. To be fair, Jordyn is stunning. Hooking up with Koko’s deadbeat baby daddy, 27, will never take away from that … but this is still super awkward, nonetheless. Watch the video above to see Khadijah’s comment and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Obviously, at the time, she couldn’t have possibly known that Jordyn would later proceed to grind up on her bestie’s man. However, the irony is just too juicy to ignore. Naturally, the internet noticed. “I’m sure you ain’t agreeing anymore,” one user replied to Khadijah. “Do you want to take this back, girl? Lol,” added another.

A split image of Jordyn Woods and one of the Haqq twins
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No shade, but why didn’t Khadijah have the good social media sense to go back and delete the comment? Does she really want all this hate in her mentions? Sigh. Sounds pretty darn exhausting, if you ask us. Thankfully, her sister is much smarter (read: louder) when it comes to shutting down trolls on social media. Oh wait, we got that wrong … Malika, 35, actually is a troll.

The Dash Dolls alum wasted no time trashing Jordyn on Instagram. In fact, she commented “these hoes ain’t loyal” on a meme video of Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi Webster, waving goodbye to aunt Jordy … after Kylie, 21, presumably kicked her out of the house for messing up so bad. Nice? No. Funny? Yes.

Either way, let’s give it up to the Haqq ladies for inserting themselves into this madness. We stan.