Bye, haters! Khloé Kardashian said she tries to “drown out” the “noise” of social media haters amid receiving backlash for seemingly Photoshopping her Instagram pictures.  

“It’s such a gift, and it’s a curse,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum, 37, told Health magazine on Wednesday, October 13, about being able to connect with fans online. “There’s been so many days that I’m like, I feel so badass and good. And then, my demeanor will be shot down because someone posted a story about how they perceive me or how they think I look.”

Surprisingly, the Good American founder admitted rude comments haven’t gotten easier the longer she’s been in the spotlight. In fact, she’s found the opposite to be true. 

Khloe Kardashian Bikini Photo
Courtesy of Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

“Normally, when you’re older you turn into titanium. Sometimes, I let that stuff get to me, and I have to actively drown that noise out,” KoKo said. 

The Los Angeles native has come under fire as of late by followers who accused her of altering her photos “to death” on the social media platform. While Strong Looks Better Naked author has previously admitted to using “filters” to feel like her best self, she mostly ignores the speculation.

That being said, Khloé has learned a lot of lessons along the way and is sensitive about what the language she uses around her daughter, True, whom she shares with NBA player Tristan Thompson

“When it comes to food, I had so many issues,” Khloé said. “It wasn’t from one person, I guess just from society or how people critiqued my body. So, I don’t play when it comes to True.”

The Revenge Body host explained about her 3-year-old daughter, “She’s very tall. People will always say, ‘She’s so big.’ And I’ll say, ‘Oh, she’s so tall.’ I try to make them be more descriptive. I know what an adult means when they say that, but I don’t want her to misinterpret that.”

Khloé noted she dieted on-and-off for a lot of her life after struggling with being an “emotional eater.”

“I had tried every diet under the sun,” the reality star said. “Remember when Beyoncé did that lemon juice and cayenne pepper thing? I was like, sign me up! That’s why I yo-yoed my entire life — I was always chasing some fad.”

Once she became dedicated to the gym, she began making “lifestyle changes” when it came to the food she consumed. “So I’d say, for example, this week I am just going to do one thing — I’m just going to cut out sugar. Then, maybe I’d try to do it for a month. After that, I’d try to incorporate another healthy change,” Khloé dished.