She’s baaaack! Khloé Kardashian is helping others overcome cheating and their own trust issues on a new season of Revenge Body. The starlet works with two people who have been burned by their exes in the past. After her experience with Tristan Thompson, she has some solid advice to dish out.

The 34-year-old starts working with a military vet who has a story eerily similar to the scandal that unfolded between the NBA baller and Kylie Jenner‘s former BFF Jordyn Woods.

“After I was injured, I had to have several surgeries and spend some time in the hospital,” the man, who served in the army for 13 years before suffering an injury, told KoKo in the promo video about the most satisfying makeovers. “During that hard time, my fiancé at the time, Jessica, slept with my friend Rob … or my ex-friend.”

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The mom-of-one agreed, “Ex-friend, yeah.” Sadly, the contestant was still reeling over what happened. “When the truth came out it was crushing … I lost my support system because I lost the two people who were closest to me,” he said.

Khloé now knows how important it is to surround herself with true friends and family. “Well, f–k them … Who needs them?” the Good American designer quipped.

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A separate contestant later in the promo shared that she’s still extremely upset about her engagement ending because of cheating. “The wind is knocked out of you,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star added while the woman was trying to put into words how devastated she was.

The reality starlet has done an amazing job moving on and has been busy enjoying time with her daughter, True. She may even be in the market to find love again one day. The blonde beauty recently posted a series of quotes about “three people” you fall in love with through life.

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Not surprisingly, she said the “second love” is the one where “you get hurt … This love teaches us lessons and makes us stronger. This love includes great pain, lies, betrayal, abuse, drama and damage.” However, with the “third love” is the one “you don’t go looking for … it comes to you.”

We hope Khloé can find her “third love” soon!