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Say what you will about Kourtney Kardashian, but the longtime reality star is all about bettering herself! Whether it be emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, Kourtney, 40, is always searching for the best ways to live life. With that, the Poosh.com creator shared some incredible advice on her lifestyle blog on how to start 2020 off the right way.

What we love most about Kourtney’s content, is that if she doesn’t know something, she’ll ask an expert! In this instance, Poosh reached out to Poppy Jamie, the founder of the Happy Not Perfect: Mediation app. Not only are Poppy’s suggestions incredibly useful, but achievable, too!

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Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

After all, there’s nothing worse (or more defeating) than following impossible guidelines. Perhaps our favorite tip was to “simplify your life.” First of all, just saying that out loud feels good! Poppy recommends to start with something small like your wardrobe: “By minimizing small decisions, we save brainpower for the big ones.”

Saving brain power, you say? Where do we sign? Another amazing piece of advice is to “manifest.” Basically, you’re not going to get anything done this year if you don’t know what you want to get done. “Write down 10 goals you wish to manifest this year and stick it on your mirror/wardrobe/fridge,” Poppy offers. Easy enough!

Kourtney Kardashian Selfie
Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Some other tips include: organizing a trip, prioritizing your sleep schedule and remembering to appreciate yourself. Hopefully, these are things you already make time for! If not, there’s no better time than the start of new year, right? “Use these tips as a roadmap to set yourself up for more happiness, love and fulfillment,” Poppy pens. “It’s all about managing your mindset, reframing your focus, prioritizing movement and repeating this process.”

In conclusion: To quote the beloved Dory from the Disney classic Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming.” 

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