Fox just announced its lineup for the new season, and there's one show missing: Kris Jenner's talk show, Kris. Although we had a feeling the show wouldn't come back after its six week trial run failed to take off in the ratings department, there are a few things we'll miss about Kris' attempt at grabbing the spotlight for herself.

Her Baby Nori Fake-Out

Since Kris' show premiered shortly after daughter Kim Kardashian gave birth to baby North West, viewers hoped that the little girl would make her first-ever appearance on Grandma's talk show. No luck, though – at the end of the pilot, Kris brought an adorable baby out on stage, but it wasn't Nori. Gotcha!

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Her Super-Awkward Interviews

Truly great talk show hosts can make even the most nervous guest feel at ease. But Kris never mastered that skill – whenever there was awkward silence, she's just fill in the gaps by talking about herself. Including that time she told a "truth talk" story about airplane sex that still has us shuddering.

Her Reliance on the Kardashian Klan to Help Get Ratings

Almost every member of the Kardashian family appeared on the show at some point, which was weird since Kris was so determined to make it as a solo star without having to rely on her kids. The set even looked like the inside of the K House. Despite a taped video appearance from still-recovering-from-childbirth Kim and a strange segment where she hung out in bed with Khloe, Kris' show still couldn't catch fire.

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Her Constantly-Rotating Lineup of Guest Co-Hosts

Kris, in a very smart move, decided to bring in a bunch of different guest co-hosts, like Mario Lopez and Cameron Mathison, to bring their fans over to the show. Though it was a good idea, it only served to highlight that most of the guests were better at hosting than Kris was, and she looked bad next to professional comics like Joan Rivers or seasoned presenters like Ryan Seacrest.

Still, we won't be seeing Kris' TV career ending any time soon. Keeping Up with the Kardashians was renewed for another season, and Fox isn't dismissing their relationship with the mom of six forever. "The possibility for the talk show, or an additional project for Kris Jenner, for the 2015 season is being discussed and highly considered," the network said in a statement.