The breakout star from this season of The Bachelor is not Arie Luyendyk Jr. — or an actual person for that matter. It's the ear-piercing, annoying baby voice of contestant Krystal Nielson. The fitness coach has viewers muting their televisions whenever she speaks on the reality dating competition, but Bachelor Nation should know that her normal voice is anything but soul-crushing.

While we have no idea why the 29-year-old beauty decided to change up her tone to a high-pitched whisper with touches of vocal fry to win over Arie, one redditor unearthed a workout video filmed before her appearance on The Bachelor and her real voice is actually, shall we say, soothing.

"Her uptalk is ridiculous but I'm so glad that's not her real voice," one fan commented under the video before another added, "I don’t know that I am relieved that is not her real voice or pissed off bc we were forced to listen to that. Now since she is lying about that, is she lying about her sob story?"

Following the premiere of the ABC series, Krystal revealed in an Instagram video that she had lost her voice right before filming, which explains why she sounds different. However, that has not stopped viewers and Bachelor alums from skewering the Montana native on Twitter and begging Arie to kick her off the show. "Krystal always talks to Arie like she’s telling him a big secret and doesn’t want anyone to hear her. We can hear you. Everyone can hear you," Dean Unglert wrote. His former co-star Diggy Moreland agreed, hilariously adding, "Krystal voice hack: Mute the TV and turn Closed Captioning on whenever she’s about to speak."

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Stop. Take a moment to enjoy the little things in life. Like puppies and sunshine. 🐶🌻☀️ Now breathe in the gratitude. 🌈❤️

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However, it seems people will finally get their wish after a sneak peek of Monday night's episode shows Krystal and the former race car driver having their first, and possibly, last fight. "All my stuff is packed," Krystal says in the clip. "I'm f–king over it. I'm done. Done. That was glitter."

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