Kylie Jenner and Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou aren’t dating, but they do make out all the time, apparently. The two best friends admitted this as they squashed fan rumors about them hooking up behind the scenes. 

During The Kardashians season 3 finale, which dropped on Hulu on Thursday, July 27, Kylie, 25, spoke to her sister Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick about her longtime friendship with Stassie, 26. Kylie and Stassie have become so close over the years that fans have begun to wonder if they’re more than besties — especially considering all the times they’ve been seen kissing.

“The whole internet thinks Stass and I are dating now,” Kylie told Kendall, 27, and Scott, 40. “I always make out with Stass, I don’t know why this is a new thing.”

Kendall and Scott offered Kylie some reassurance. “A lot of best girlfriends do that,” Kendall said.

Kylie seemed to be addressing a TikTok video she posted in December 2022, in which she and Stassie got cozy at a holiday party. The footage showed them dancing and twirling around and seemingly coming close to sharing a kiss. The viral romantic song “Here With Me” by d4vd played over the video. In the comments, fans insisted the two were either already dating or needed to start dating immediately. 

“OMG I thought they were gonna kiss,” one fan commented, while another wrote, “They’re in love fr.”

“Everybody knows …” another person added. 

Later in The Kardashians finale, Kylie and Stassie discussed the dating rumors. 

“Isn’t it so funny that everyone thinks we are dating these days? When we get a little alcohol in our system, and we just like to kiss each other and stuff?” Kylie asked Stassie.

Stassie agreed, saying, “Why do people think that? That is so weird. We are just obsessed with each other.”

“All my comments are, ‘We know. We know you guys are having sex.’ And we’re not,” Kylie added. “I wish we were. It would just have been way easier if I was sexually attracted to you.”

In a confessional, Kylie opened up about her friendship with Stassie. “Anastasia and I have been friends since we were probably 12 or 13. She’s definitely my oldest friend,” she said. “We grew up together, we’ve been through so much together. She’s like a sister.”

Stassie shared the story of how she and Kylie met in a 2021 interview. They first crossed paths at a Barnes & Noble and then later reconnected at another friend’s sleepover in middle school. The two haven’t left each other’s side since. 

“We know too much about each other. We’re stuck with each other forever,” Stassie said. She later joked, Literally, we’re going to move to a farm together and get married.”

Of course, Stassie and Kylie’s friendship has always been closely evaluated by the public. When they aren’t seen in photos together, fans wonder if there’s been a falling out. The speculation only became worse when Kylie and Stassie’s former bestie Jordyn Woods became entangled in a cheating scandal with Khloé Kardashian’s on-again, off-again ex Tristan Thompson in 2019. (Stassie confirmed in 2022 that she no longer spoke to Jordyn, although Kylie recently reunited with the model.)

In her interview, Stassie offered a blanket statement shutting down any rumors of her friendship ending with Kylie. 

“It’s nuts because I’m like, ‘I’ve known this girl since I was literally 13,’” she said. “If you think that [because] we don’t post a photo together for a month we’re not friends, you’re insane.”