More cuteness than we can handle! OK, fine, that’s a bit dramatic but little miss Stormi Webster just has that effect on us, y’all. Kylie Jenner posted an adorable video of her daughter during a photo shoot on June 8, and we just simply couldn’t get enough of her precious baby.

“A for effort baby,” the 21-year-old mama captioned the vid posted to her Instagram feed in which her baby girl was sitting on a small stool with a little bouquet of flowers next to her. She was decked out in a matching one-piece with jewels on it and she couldn’t stop smiling so big for the camera. In the background, the photographer asked Stormi to say her own name. Smart little Stormi responded with what sounded like, “me.” So cute!

Believe it or not, Storm even had her modeling moves down pat — and a lot of Ky’s celeb friends took notice of her daughter’s skills in the comments section.

“Nononononoooo how is she so good at this!!” Chrissy Teigen, a world-renowned model, chimed in with her two cents on Stormi’s poses. Naturally, she would know a good fellow model when she sees one. “I can’t 😫,” Sofia Richie also commented on the sweet post. These girls know what’s up!

Even Kylie’s assistant, Victoria Villarroel, chimed in with some sweet words about the baby: “She never fails to melt my heart ♥️.” Considering Ky’s partner in (business) crime sees the little girl on the reg, we suspect that comment is definitely true.


As if that wasn’t enough Stormi cuteness overload, the KUWTK star posted another quick video to her Instagram Stories on June 8, with the baby. The mommy-daughter duo snuggled close while Kylie asked her girl, “Do you love me?” Needless to say, that little babe’s smile is contagious.

It’s no surprise little Storm is a super photogenic kid so we can’t wait to see what this adorable glamour shoot is going to look like once the photos are released. Please don’t keep us waiting, Ky!