What a little genius! Stormi Webster may only be 17 months old, but she already knows her letters, numbers, shapes and colors, according to a few clips Kylie Jenner shared on her Instagram Story on Monday, July 22.

“Where’s the O? Where is it?” the 21-year-old asked her little one. Stormi was quick to point out the letter. She did the same thing with the letter A, which led a very proud mama to shout in excitement. In the following clip, Kylie began counting and Stormi chimed in finishing the rest. Then, the mom of one asked her baby girl to retrieve a heart-shaped figure from a few different shapes scattered on the floor and once again, she got it right. Lastly, Ky asked her daughter to tell her the color of a figure she was holding to which Stormi confidently responded, “purple.” So impressive!

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Kudos to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star for teaching Stormi things at such a young age. By the looks of it, the beauty mogul often takes the time to sit down with her baby girl to make sure she learns her stuff. In April, Kylie shared an Instagram Story of Stormi pointing out her basic objects, including a teddy bear and a crib. She was only 14 months old then!

The brunette beauty is keen on making sure Stormi grows up to live her best life, considering she has big plans for her. During the same month, a fan asked Kylie if she thinks her daughter will ever have her own makeup brand and Ky basically suggested that it’s very possible. “I would love for her to do a collection of her own! ” she replied in a quote-tweet. “I just want her old enough to decide and choose all the colors and designs!”

Well, considering Stormi already knows her colors and designs, she may be having her own makeup palette in no time!