There’s no denying that makeup artist Laura Lee keeps it real when talking to her fans! In her most recent YouTube video, the beauty confessed to having a lower back tattoo — or as she put it, a “tramp stamp” — and fans were quick to note that she almost never shows it off. The 29-year-old admittedly regrets getting tatted, so it’s no wonder that pics of the ink are hard to come by. But we prevailed, as you can see in the video below!

Laura’s ink proves just how much her style has changed over the years. In a 2016 interview with Health Beauty Life, she opened up about her personal aesthetic and where she gets her inspiration from. “Describing my style would be chic with a touch of edge,” she said. “My ideal outfit would be a pencil skirt, a graphic T-shirt tucked in, an added statement necklace, and heels are a must! I really like the way Kylie Jenner dresses. Sometimes she’s casual with jeans and a plaid shirt, but other times she’s over the top!”

The YouTuber pointed to her southern roots as one of her main influences. “My style represents how I am as a person — born and raised in Alabama, but always having an urge to move to the big city…edgy/chic,” she said. “One of my favorite clothing stores is Urban Outfitters. You never know what you’re going to find there. I love shopping in their clearance racks. It’s a great feeling when finding a good buy at an affordable price.”