It’s Bachelor déjà vu! Arie Luyendyk Jr. just broke a major rule and told Lauren Burnham he was falling in love on The Bachelor. Fans will remember when Ben Higgins said the “L” word to his own Lauren B. a few seasons ago — and that did not end well.

Viewers were quick to call out the former race car driver on Twitter. “Lauren B has a personality of that of a pancake. But don’t worry Arie is falling so deeply in love with her. Mind blown,” one viewer wrote while another added, “So Arie definitely left the room after Lauren B. told him she was falling in love with him to ask the producers what he was and wasn’t allowed to respond to her with, right?”

Arie and Lauren’s date was awkward from beginning to end. From the long stretches of silence to the clearly staged soccer game, it seemed as if Arie was ready to send the Virginia Beach native home. With a rose glaring at her during the dinner portion of the one-on-one, Lauren said what seemed to be her first complete sentence and revealed she was falling in love, causing Arie to walk away from the table.

However, instead of telling the blonde beauty, who must remind him of his ex Emily Maynard, that he was falling in love too. Seriously, what did we miss? Arie is definitely playing the game his way — and just like Ben H., we doubt he will have regrets about dropping the love bombshell before handing out the final rose. Especially after Arie admitted to falling in love on the reality dating competition earlier this year. “I did fall in love with two people, so it’s going to be hard to watch that back, just because yeah, it’s difficult,” he told E! News. “I think I am the type of person that I don’t fall in love very easily, so for me to fall in love with two people, it was hard for me.”

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