Oh, Lili Reinhart, you’re one of a kind! Unlike a lot of other actresses in Hollywood, the Riverdale star, 22, isn’t afraid to get real with her social media followers — and that includes showing off her pimples. On Tuesday, May 22, the blonde beauty took to her Instagram Story to share several makeup-free clips of herself in the backseat of car.

In addition to proving that she’s comfortable in the skin she’s in, Lili also reminded viewers of just how funny she is. “The pimple on the tip of my nose says hi,” Cole Sprouse’s ladylove hilariously captioned the first Story. We’re glad she was able to find humor in her blemish. After all, is there anything worse than having a zit located smack dab in the middle of your face? We think not. But if Lili can handle it, you can, too!

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Can’t see a damn thing ☀️🏝

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Of course, this is hardly the first time Lili went all natural on the ‘Gram. On May 13, the CW powerhouse shared a stunning snapshot of herself in chic one-piece bathing suit. “I’m proud to say that I use social media to show myself in a real and unedited way,” Lili wrote. “I never try to hide anything or fool anyone into thinking I’m something that I’m not.”

Unsurprisingly,  fans flocked to the post in support of Lili’s important message. “You’re an inspiration to us all. Keep doing what you’re doing. It is changing lives,” one user commented. “We love you! Thank you. You’re so stunning inside and out,” added another.

Agreed and agreed. Lili’s attitude on beauty standards is definitely a breath of fresh air in show business. We can’t wait for her to post makeup-free selfies all summer long.

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