Lindsay Lohan was scarred by Hollywood for years but those wounds have well and truly healed now, according to insiders who exclusively tell Life & Style that she’s ready to dive back into big budget movies again with the help of longtime friends and mentors including, Jamie Lee Curtis.

“Lindsay really had it together on Oscar night and was rewarded with face time with dozens of top executives and a ton of the big stars who went to the Vanity Fair party,” an insider says. “Based on appearances, she’s totally reformed, top to bottom!”

The source says no one “expected” to see the Freaky Friday star, 37, at the high-profile event but everyone was excited and “wanted to talk to her.”

“It was a very cool thing to behold because Lindsay wasn’t buzzed or being manic — she was charming, humble, and she looked beautiful accepting well wishes and back-pats for her in-progress comeback,” the insider notes. “What’s clear is these well-received little Netflix projects she’s been doing are a first chapter, not a final one, and she’s ready to cross back over to being a movie star if she can find some juicy projects.”

Lindsay has starred in two Netflix romcoms in the past 18 months after “abruptly leaving” the business ten years ago and the source says she’s back, “visibly sober” and ready to prove she “can still light up the screen.”

“Maybe convincing Jamie Lee Curtis to work with her again [on the upcoming Freaky Friday sequel] was the last big hurdle she had to clear,” the insider concludes. “It’s hard to believe but it looks like smooth sailing for Lindsay from here on out. Suddenly it’s looking like the whole town is rooting for her to have a giant-sized Robert Downey Jr.-style comeback!”

The Mean Girls star attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party in March for the first time in a decade. The actress stunned in a floor-length custom silver Balenciaga gown that featured a dramatic silver sequin fringe. Lindsay treated the iconic party as a night out with husband Bader Shammas, despite it not being his “choice of a date night.”

“He will support me because I’m in it. You know what I mean?” she told Bustle prior to the event. “He’s very intuitive and has a very good understanding of how things are going to work out in the end. He can kind of foresee things. So I like getting his advice on everything and having him be a part of it. I just feel safer.”

Lindsay has since leaned into motherhood after leaving the spotlight, welcoming her son Luai in July 2023, and is now approaching Hollywood differently since becoming a parent.

“Social media is so different now than when I was younger, that everyone has control of their own story,” the actress told the publication. “I don’t really pay attention to that. I don’t really read stuff that comes out either. ’Cause I know how it works, so there’s no point. And if you immerse yourself in that stuff, you’re just going to get lost, and it can just do so much to you.”