Love Island U.S.A. star Johnny Middlebrooks exclusively tells Life & Style where his relationship stands today with Love Island Germany star Aurelia Lamprecht following their second place win on Love Island Games.

“We talk to each other as much as we can,” Johnny, 25, exclusively tells Life & Style in a video interview on Friday, November 24. “We FaceTime all the time, and I get to talk to her when the episodes come out and see how she feels.”

The Peacock alum detailed a conversation between them not long after leaving the Love Island Games villa in Fiji, where they decided to “not let other people’s opinions” impact how they felt about each other because, at the time, they had only known each other for four days.

“I don’t want you to think just because we’re not speaking every second of every day, that this isn’t something to nurture,” the Virginia native explains. “Because there’s no way that I can give you the same amount of energy that I did in this villa when I’m up in your face all day, every day, 24 hours a day. Let’s stay in contact.”

He’s “glad” he had that conversation with Aurelia as they talk to each other “as much as they can.”

Johnny was the first bombshell to walk into the Love Island Games villa, making his debut during episode 2 alongside Love Island U.K. star Megan Barton-Hanson. The former athlete shook things up in the villa, marking connections with Love Island U.K.’s Liberty Poole, Love Island Australia’s Jessica Losurdo and Love Island U.S.A.’s Courtney Boerner before solidifying his romance with the Germany native.

Are Johnny and Aurelia Still Together After ‘Love Island Games’?

“We talked so much and we had such a deep connection in there. And I hate that they don’t show more of her. They just showed us kissing the whole time,” he says of his and Aurelia’s time in the villa. “I just want people from my mouth to know that Aurelia is genuinely such a sweet kindhearted soul. And they didn’t show that. And that sucks because when she calls me and she’s sad about it, I hate that.”

Johnny and Aurelia coupled up during episode 15 and ended their Love Island Games journey in second place, only falling short behind Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler during the November 20 final.

As for their future post-villa, Johnny plans on staying in contact with Aurelia and hopes to reunite in person soon.

“But as far as us dating or being super romantic right now, it’s almost impossible from different countries,” he concludes. “But yeah, we’re good. We’re really, really tapped in.”