Johnny Middlebrooks made his way around multiple girls in the Love Island Games villa, but he secured his spot in the finals with Aurelia Lamprecht. Although the pair coupled up during the last days in the villa, fans saw a special spark between them. Now that the inaugural season is over, are Johnny and Aurelia still together?

Did Johnny and Aurelia Win ‘Love Island Games’?

Considering the Love Island Germany bombshell joined the cast late in the season and Johnny was the player of the villa, the pair placed extremely well in the finals.

Aurelia shook up the group alongside five other bombshells right before the semi-finals and immediately grabbed Johnny’s attention. He may have been partnered with Courtney Boerner at the time, but the Love Island USA season 2 runner-up chose Aurelia to take on the biggest games of the season.

Johnny and Aurelia were voted into the finals by their eliminated castmates who returned to decide who would fight for the $100,000 grand prize. The couple held their own throughout the challenges, but came in second place as Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba were crowned the Love Island Games season 1 winners.

Are Johnny and Aurelia Still Together After ‘Love Island Games’?

Johnny exclusively told Life & Style where his relationship stood with Aurelia following their second-place win on the finale.

“We talk to each other as much as we can,” Johnny told Life & Style in a video interview on November 24. “We FaceTime all the time, and I get to talk to her when the episodes come out and see how she feels.”

The Virginia native detailed a conversation between them not long after leaving the villa in Fiji, where they decided to “not let other people’s opinions” impact how they felt about each other because, at the time, they had only known each other for four days.

“I don’t want you to think just because we’re not speaking every second of every day, that this isn’t something to nurture,” the Peacock alum explained. “Because there’s no way that I can give you the same amount of energy that I did in this villa when I’m up in your face all day, every day, 24 hours a day. Let’s stay in contact.”

Meanwhile, Aurelia reflected on her time in the villa via Instagram Stories shortly after the finale aired.

Are Johnny and Aurelia Still Together After ‘Love Island Games’?

“I will definitely be making a statement and giving interviews about everything that has happened in the next few days. Unfortunately, not much was shown, despite everything,” Aurelia wrote in a lengthy statement via Instagram Stories on November 20. “Love Island Games was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life! English is still not my first language and it was the biggest challenge of my life to get this far, even though I had so many fears that people wouldn’t understand me or that I wouldn’t be able to connect with someone because I wouldn’t be able to express myself in the same way as in German.”

Aurelia didn’t address Johnny, or their relationship status, in the post. However, she did share photos of them via Instagram of them kissing in the villa while concluding her reflection of the season.

Johnny, for his part, has yet to share photos with Aurelia on his Instagram account alongside his plethora of content in the villa. That being said, he did leave three heart emojis under his former partner’s November 20 Instagram post.