Becoming a mom isn’t easy for every woman who wants a child, and Amy Roloff is no exception. The Little People, Big World star got candid in the comments on Instagram about how she felt “inadequate” after struggling with infertility.

“I’m so so blessed to be a mom to four wonderful, great kids and I’m thankful. But it wasn’t easy,” the 54-year-old admitted on Wednesday, April 24. “I went through infertility and it was scary, sad and I felt inadequate as a woman. Through prayer and a lot of faith and hope, I became pregnant via infertility means w/ my twins and daughter and my youngest was a natural miracle. I know others that had to face the sadness of miscarriages and my heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine. Wanting a baby and getting pregnant doesn’t always happen at the time you make that choice. It’s hard sometimes. It’s a miracle! So let’s celebrate motherhood and also support and encourage those that this blessing is taking longer.”

Amy Roloff Infertility
Courtesy of Amy Roloff/Instagram

Fans quickly rallied around the TLC personality and shared similar heartbreak. “Amy, I had no idea we had this in common. I suffered with infertility and became pregnant with the GIFT procedure with my perfect son,” one person wrote. “Two weeks almost to the hour of his birth, I was hit by a drunk driver and he was killed. I could not become pregnant again, but through God and the miracle of adoption, I have a perfect, miraculous daughter.”

Her story clearly touched Amy so much, she responded. “Thank you so much for sharing your story. To face infertility, blessing of a child, face a tragic loss and then to find that family again is a blessing and inspiring. There is always hope and it comes in different ways than we expect, but it’s always there. Thank you.”

The brunette beauty shares four children with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, and has found love again with boyfriend Chris Marek. Most recently, she shared a group photo with her man and kids and wrote, “Easter weekend w/some of my wonderful people I love visiting Molly and Joel. We like taking a hike. Couldn’t have asked for anything better except Jeremy, Audrey and Ember to be here. Christ has Risen! Hallelujah! #easterweekend #allaboutfamilyandfriends #amyroloffssecondact.”

Aww. Thanks for sharing your story, Amy.