Actor Macaulay Culkin became a movie icon as a child in Home Alone — and he’s still making bank. Keep reading for details about his net worth and how he makes money today.

What Is Macaulay Culkin’s Net Worth?

The New York City native is worth an estimated $18 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Macaulay has been acting since he was 4 years old, landing his first role on the big screen in Uncle Buck, for which he was paid $40,000. After working with the talented kid, Home Alone writer John Hughes suggested to director Chris Columbus that he cast Macaulay in the Christmas film.

For his role as Kevin McCallister in the 1990 flick, Macaulay was paid $100,000, per Celebrity Net Worth. The movie was a box office smash, rocketing the actor, who was 10 years old at the time, to superstardom.

He began making A-list salaries for his film, including earning $1 million for 1991’s My Girl and $4.5 million for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in 1992. The actor was reportedly paid $8 million for his role in 1994’s Richie Rich.

Macaulay Culkin Net Worth: How the Actor Makes Money Now
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What Does Macaulay Culkin Do Now?

Macaulay still acts — but on his own terms! While he has taken years off between projects, he’s been steadily employed both in movies and on stage.

In 2000, he starred as Madame Melville in London’s West End before taking a grittier role as murderer Michael Alig in the 2003 film Party Monster. He’s appeared in a plethora of other projects throughout the 2000s, including Robot Chicken, The Wrong Ferrari, Kings and more.

Macaulay is multi-talented and has pursued his other interests in the arts, as well. His semi-autobiographical book, Junior, was published in 2006. He delighted fans in 2013 when a video, which he co-produced and directed, of himself eating a cheese pizza went viral. The clip was a promotion for the debut of his pizza-themed comedy rock band, The Pizza Underground.

While the actor may not be in the spotlight as often as he was growing up, he’s still a performer at heart. That being said, he admitted there are some less than ideal aspects of his career.

“I enjoy acting. I enjoy being on set,” he told Esquire in 2020. “I don’t enjoy a lot of the other things that come around it. What’s a good analogy? The Shawshank Redemption. The way he gets out of prison is to crawl through a tube of s–t, you know? It feels like to get to that kind of freedom, I’d have to crawl through a tube of s–t. And you know what? I’ve built a really nice prison for myself. It’s soft. It’s sweet. It smells nice. You know? It’s plush.”

In his personal life, he is engaged to Brenda Song, and they share two children.