Like father like daughter! Macklemore (real name: Ben Haggerty) revealed that his daughter Sloane loves music just as much as he does. “Sloane has a little karaoke music player with the guitar amp,” the singer revealed exclusively to Life & Style. “Two weeks ago, she was on stage with me in Florida. I brought her up on stage for a show and we sang. She is definitely an artist. Whatever she wants to do, I will support.”

The Grammy winner revealed that his three-year-old knows what he does for a living but isn’t fazed by any of it. “She is not a shy kid, but just like any kid, she can be shy in moments,” he said. “I brought her out in Paris in front of 40,000 people — she ran out on stage — I didn’t even bring her out! She ran out and performed the last song with me and afterward, I am decompressing with her. I was like, ‘Yo, that was crazy. That was so amazing.’ She was like, ‘Whatever, dad! Let’s watch Frozen.’ It just wasn’t even a big deal.”

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The Washington native recently teamed up with LIFEWTR to give teachers, students and parents a chance to nominate their high school to be beautified this summer as part of their #BringArtBacktoSchoolsContest. Macklemore is passionate about this project since he confessed that music “saved my life.”

Unfortunately, some schools in the country are cutting art programs, so the “Thrift Shop” crooner wants to make sure that kids can continue to express their creativity. “I am really excited about this partnership,” he said. “They reached out and explained what the campaign was all about, and it’s exactly where my heart aligns. I just watched kind of the way that our schools have gone, and I am really fearful of the next generation. We honor arts and culture so much in America, yet they are the first programs to go. I think LIFEWTR saw that is a huge issue and one they wanted to correct to the best of their ability.”

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Meanwhile, the dad-of-two is enjoying time with Sloane and his other daughter, Colette, 11 months. “I am just trying to tap into parenting,” he said. For now, Sloane is obsessed with her dad’s tunes. “She loves my music,” he confessed. “We have listened to a couple of songs about 300 times. She likes weird songs. She doesn’t like the singles, she likes the album cuts. She likes “Willy Wonka,” she likes some album cuts that aren’t singles, which is just funny.”

Fatherhood looks good on you, Macklemore! Keep the cute snaps coming, please.