She’ll always be her mommy’s baby! Mariah Carey‘s daughter wasn’t even born when she released her hit song “Always Be My Baby,” but that didn’t stop little miss Monroe from learning all the lyrics. The adorable six-year-old joined her mom on stage at her recent concert to sing along with her as she performed the 1994 hit — and the adorable mommy-daughter moment was captured on video.

Little Monroe looked so cute wearing a dress on stage and her signature glasses, and she looked right at her momma as she sang the chorus. She also fussed with her curly hair and swayed along to the music while standing in front of her mom’s fans at the United Center in Chicago. A concertgoer could be heard in the background cheering on Monroe in the fan-shot footage.

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This isn’t Mariah’s first time sharing the stage with her little girl. The diva brought Monroe and her son — Monroe’s twin brother Moroccan — out on stage with her earlier this month during her concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Mariah is currently performing on the All the Hits tour with fellow singing legend Lionel Richie, and dem babies were understandably nervous at first to perform in front of such a big audience. Roc seemed like he was experiencing a little stage fright, and Roe was shy at first but she eventually followed her mom’s lead and sang into the microphone.

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“Roc and Roe love being on the stage,” the 47-year-old singer told Entertainment Tonight after the show. “The other day I was teaching miss Monroe ‘You Will Always Be A Part Of Me,’ and just singing like that to her. She has a really good ear, so she was she was learning it but I don’t know if she could hear herself onstage.” Maybe one day she’ll follow in her mom’s footstep and become a famous pop star too!