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15 Times Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Almost Drowned to Death in Their Couture

There’s no denying it: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fashion icons, so much so that they literally always look like they’re about to suffocate in a sea of fabric. The fraternal twin sisters and heads of The Row and Elizabeth & James have made absurdly oversized (and probably overpriced) couture their aesthetic, and it never ceases to be fascinating. Can’t these two millionaires afford to get their stuff tailored? Or is there an answer to why the Olsens wear clothes approximately 20 times too big?

It would actually seem that their strange take on fit is something that dates back to their days as baby starlets. “When we were younger, being in the public eye was almost part of our role and responsibility – to set the trends at that time or be ahead of fashion,” Mary-Kate told Porter. “We would take adult clothing and cut it down to our size, change the proportions. I think from a young age we understood fit in a very different way because we’re so petite.”

Somehow this explains, in one fell swoop, why they constantly look like little girls dressing up in their mother’s clothing. You know, if their mother was Stevie Nicks with a high-end shopping addiction. Regardless, the Olsens’ oversized style is something we love to hate and hate to love. So let’s celebrate some magical times when the twins were basically swimming in their ensembles.