Being her true self! Whitney Thore took to Instagram on Tuesday, August 13, to keep it real with her fans by posting a lengthy message about online beauty standards along with a video in which she’s doing her makeup.

“I was having a conversation with a friend of mine tonight about authenticity — in life and on the internet — and it got me thinking,” the 35-year-old wrote as her caption. “My authentic self is leggings and sports bras, no makeup, and messy hair. It’s belly laughs and introspection, bouts of depression and tears. It’s fear and it’s gratitude; it’s sweat and happiness, and it changes from minute to minute every single day.”

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star then continued her post by stating that she enjoys both ends of the spectrum. “Often I see comments on my social media asking why I never cover up and why I don’t dress up. Truthfully, I like to be comfortable and the fewer articles of clothing on my body, the better,” she wrote. “But then there are times I do put on makeup and take a selfie because honestly, those photos get the most engagement of anything on my Instagram. Why? The comments are flooded with compliments and people accusing me of filtering and photoshopping. Why can’t women be both? Why can’t I be both? Why is sweatpants, a tee and a messy bun on a thin girl cute and casual, and on a fat woman, it’s lazy and gross?”

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To conclude her caption, Whitney reiterated she will always be herself and encouraged fans to do the same. “I never want to be a ‘reality tv star’ or an ‘influencer’ who shows only the ‘prettiest’ parts of herself and her life. ESPECIALLY as a fat woman, I don’t buy into the idea that I have to be hyper-focused on hair and makeup and perfect outfits so I don’t gross people out. To those of y’all that love me both ways, I see you and I appreciate you. And I hope you love yourself every way that you are.”

You go, girl!