Megan Fox confessed to going under the knife for multiple plastic surgery procedures, including a recent breast augmentation. 

The Transformers star, 37, sat down with “Call Her Daddy” host Alex Cooper for the Wednesday, March 20, episode to discuss which cosmetic procedures she’s had throughout her career, recalling wanting the “biggest boobs that could fit in [her] body.”

“I’m just gonna go through all the things that I’ve done because I feel like there’s this stigma and I’m not going to win. However, I’m hoping it sets some people free,” Megan said. “I had my boobs done when I was 21 or 22. I had them redone after I was done breastfeeding my kids. I had to have them redone very recently because [with] the first set, I didn’t have enough body fat to disguise – you could see the rippling of the implant, so I had to switch them out to this set.”

While the Jennifer’s Body actress admitted to multiple breast augmentations and subtle changes to her face, including Botox, fillers and a “nose job in [her] early 20s,” she claimed she’s “never had a facelift of any kind.”

“No mid-facelift, no lateral brow lifts — although I would like one — or no regular brow lift,” she continued. “I’ve never done threads. I have researched them, and it’s not because of some moral thing, I just don’t really believe they work. I’m also afraid that they would interfere when I do need to have a facelift.”

The mother of three – who shares children Journey, Bodhi and Noah with ex-husband Brian Austin Green – added that she’s never had buccal fat removal, liposuction or body contouring. 

“I’ll never have any fat removed, I’m a lean person that doesn’t have enough body fat or fat in my face. I will only ever put fat in, I will never be taking fat out.”

One procedure Megan would consider in the future is the ever-popular Brazilian butt lift but points to the rough recovery and her lack of “extra body fat” as deterrents.

Megan points to her fear of dying while under general anesthesia as her “saving grace,” adding that her paranoia is the reason she asked for “1990 stripper titties” during her last procedure. 

“I don’t like surgery, and the fact that I had to do it, I was like, ‘I want a reward for the suffering I have to go through – I don’t want to wake up with a full B cup. There’s no f–king point in that, I’m not doing it,’” she said. “I don’t like surgery. My body does not react well to general anesthesia … I don’t take surgery lightly.”