If Meghan Trainor looks a little bit different lately, it’s because The Four judge has dropped an impressive 20 pounds. Meghan recently opened up about her weight loss transformation — but don’t worry, she’s still all about that bass.

The newly engaged pop star, who is currently planning her wedding to Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara, revealed to E! News that she dropped the weight “the healthy way,” and shared her inspiration for slimming down. “One day we’ll have kids,” she explained. “I want to be the healthiest I can be for those kids.” Watch the video below to see the stunning singer today!

However, dropping the pounds wasn’t entirely for vanity reasons. The 24-year-old completely changed her lifestyle after undergoing her second vocal cord hemorrhage surgery. “It really shocks you and puts you in place. I stopped drinking — I know it hurts your cords. I don’t ever smoke anything, I drink a lot of water, and I started eating healthier and working out more,” the Grammy winner revealed to People. “Now mentally and physically, it’s proven to work, so I’m gonna keep doing that.”

She has always been about body positivity and embracing your curves. However, she admits she wasn’t always so confident. “My confidence, I’m still working on every day. Everybody is,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2015. “It’s hard growing up, especially for young curvy girls like me. I remember shopping at the mall … and all my friends would be the small, and I would be getting that L. I couldn’t even shop at particular stores.”

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But, that didn’t stop her from flaunting her plus-size figure. “I love what they are saying — they are having women not only fall in love with their curves and really accept themselves, but to work it and to own them,” she said. “Show them off!”