First Lady Melania Trump can’t catch a break… But also, she’s been making some really weird fashion choices lately. Her most recent faux-pas was on Oct. 4, when she wore sunglasses while walking across the White House lawn at night, led by husband Donald Trump. It’s no surprise that the Internet had some ~feelings~ about her unproductive accessorizing. Click here to see the hilarious reactions to Melania’s shades!

This certainly isn’t the first time Twitter users have mocked Melania for wearing something they deemed inappropriate. When the first lady went to visit Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston, TX, she stepped out in sky-high black stilettos. Definitely not the proper footwear for a disaster zone. Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, and Trevor Noah all shredded the FLOTUS for her footwear online, and many suggested she take a page from Michelle Obama, and wear flats or sneakers so she could actually…you know…help.

And who could forget the time Melania wore a pink Gucci “pussy bow” blouse to the presidential debates just days after her husband’s controversial “grab her by the p—y” comments came to light? It’s often hard to tell if she’s making a statement, totally ignorant, or just doesn’t care as long as she looks good. Either way, social media is always there to call her out when she screws up.

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Donald and Melania in Houston.

Not all of Melania’s controversies have been about fashion. Before Donald was elected, she took heat for her speech at the Republican National Convention. The inspiring words seemed to be copied, almost verbatim, from former first lady Michelle’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. Come on girl, get it together!