Italian model Eugenio Casnighi claimed he was let go from working the 2024 Met Gala because he took the attention away from Kylie Jenner in photos from the event in 2023.

“I just got fired from the Met Gala,” Eugenio, 26, claimed in a video he posted to TikTok on May 3.

He then shared several photos of himself in the background of pictures of Kylie, 26, at the event and asked, “Remember me?”

“So, I’ve never talked about this because I was under [an] NDA,” Eugenio continued. “It’s funny enough [that] they fired me, so I can say whatever I want now. I’ve been working for the Met Gala as a model and greeter [in] 2022 and 2023, and I was supposed to do it this year. Just to give you an idea, today’s Friday and the Met Gala is on Monday. They let me know today that they cut me off. They fired me because I went viral last year.”

Eugenio then gave some details about his alleged firing and what went down behind the scenes.

“Basically they said, ‘You made it about yourself, so we can’t have you work there anymore. So, I’m sorry, you got laid off, fired, whatever you want to call it,” Eugenio explained. “Let me just tell you how it works a little bit. Last year they told me I was going to be with Kylie Jenner all night, and I helped her, you know, with whatever she needed. It’s funny because the Met Gala and the company that I’m not going to mention – they fired me – they want models to work on the red carpet. They want, like, people to get noticed. Like, they literally told me, ‘We picked you because we like you more than other people to be with this celebrity.’ But when people took pictures of the actual celebrity, not me, of, like, the actual celebrity, like Kylie Jenner, and I was next to her, of course I ended up in the picture. They blamed me. They said, ‘You made it about yourself, so we don’t want to work with you anymore.’”

Met Gala Model Claims He Was ‘Fired’ for Being Too Hot
Taylor Hill / Getty Images

The model concluded, “I [had been] confirmed to work this year a month ago. I have emails, I have messages, but for now I’m going to stop here.”

Eugenio also shared a viral clip from a fan of 2023 Met Gala red carpet host Emma Chamberlain interviewing Black Pink’s Jennie Kim. When the video showed Eugenio standing off to the side, the camera zoomed in on the model and the fan wrote, “Trying to focus on Emma interviewing Jennie but …”

Eugenio posted two other videos on TikTok to give fans a more in depth take on his claims, including screenshots of messages seeming to confirm the unnamed model agency asking him to return for this year’s big event. However, he did add that it was possible the Met Gala decided to forgo inviting any models to work the red carpet this year.