Miley Cyrus dropped her new single, “Used to Be Young,” on August 25, and the release date has a special meaning to the “Flowers” artist. Fans were dying to know whether the song was connected to her split from ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, but it actually reflects her childhood and adolescence from the start of her Disney career.

Why Is August 25th Important to Miley Cyrus? 

Miley teased her upcoming single in a video shared to her Instagram page on August 18. In the clip, she pointed out that the specific release date has a deeper meaning. In the teaser video, Miley was seen walking toward the camera wearing a white Mickey Mouse T-shirt underneath a sparkling red one-piece bodysuit. 

“I decided to release ‘Used To Be Young’ on August 25 because this particular date historically has been important to me personally and in my career,” the Disney Channel alum explained in the video. In the Instagram caption, Miley emphasized the song is “dedicated to [her] loyal fans.” 

According to multiple outlets, August 25 is when Miley experienced several different life-changing moments. On August 25, 2010, Miley and her ex-husband, Liam, reportedly broke up for the first time. Though they reunited several times afterward, the duo ultimately split in August 2019 and finalized their divorce in January 2020. 

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Liam, however, may not be the only significance behind the summer date. On August 25, 2013, Miley released her hit single “Wrecking Ball.” The song became one of the most popular tracks in Miley’s music career, in addition to its NSFW music video, which featured her swinging on a wrecking ball while nude. 

Later that day, the Hannah Montana alum broke the internet when she twerked against Robin Thicke on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. As a former child star, Miley received backlash from many audiences because she was considered a role model to young girls and teenagers. 

During an interview with Vogue in May 2023, Miley revealed she “carried some guilt and shame around for years because of how much controversy and upset [she] really caused.” 

“Now I’m an adult, I realize how harshly I was judged,” she concluded. 

What Is the Meaning Behind the ‘Used to Be Young’ Lyrics? 

Miley included the single’s lyrics in an Instagram caption posted on August 15: “I know I used to be crazy / I know I used to be fun / You say I used to be wild / I say I used to be young.” 

The lingering question of the song’s meaning was answered when the Tennessee native announced its release on August 25.

Miley wrote “Used to Be Young” to honor “who we’ve been, loving who we are & celebrating who we will become.”

“I feel proud when reflecting on my past and joyful when thinking about the future. I am grateful to my loyal fans who make my dreams a reality daily,” she wrote via Instagram. “I am sincerely thankful for the stability of your steadfast support. This song is for you. Truly, Miley.”

Is ‘Used to Be Young’ About Liam Hemsworth? 

Considering Miley and Liam met while filming The Last Song in 2009, it’s safe to say some of her lyrics nod to their young love relationship.

In her hit 2023 single, “Flowers,” social media users were convinced that the song — and its accompanying music video — featured Easter eggs about Miley and Liam’s split. 

One of the most tell-tale signs is at the beginning of the track when Miley sings, “Built a home and watched it burn.” Many fans believe this lyric points to Miley and Liam’s Malibu home that burned down during a 2018 wildfire.