“Little Red Wagon” singer Miranda Lambert has jumped off the diet wagon. “She’s sick of trying to fit into the clothes and styles she wore in her 20s, so she’s embracing her curves,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style.

The 40-year-old country crooner, who recently gained 25 pounds, loves to cook, and admits that when she tours she carries her crock pot with her so she can whip up meals in her trailer whenever she gets the urge. “Back in the day, Miranda used to struggle to be super thin like some of the other singers,” the insider says. “She was always on one diet or another. But at this point in her career, she feels she’s earned the right to be herself. She wants to enjoy her life to the fullest. Plus, she has the hottest husband [Brendan McLoughlin, 32], who loves her just the way she is.”