They’re…awesome! Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Maryse Ouellet are quite the WWE power couple, which is why it’s basically a no-brainer that they should have their own show. Last week, Mike and Maryse’s USA series Miz & Mrs. premiered and it brought in tons of ratings — so much that Miz & Mrs. became the most-watched reality TV show launch since 2011, according to The Wrap. Now, in an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Mike and Maryse are opening up about the show, its success, and what they hope fans will learn after taking a peek into their real lives.

“Yeah, we’re really excited about that,” Mike exclusively told Life & Style. “It’s pretty cool when you work really really hard on a show and everything kind of works in your favor and works out. That was pretty awesome. They told us what they were hoping for in the ratings and then it surpassed everyone’s hopes and expectations.”

Mike and Maryse were first approached with an offer for their own spin-off after Maryse joined the Season 6 cast of E!’s Total Divas, but they were hesitant to sign on — and Mike revealed what made them change their minds. 

“We said, ‘You know what? This could be really fun,” Mike explained. “If we could be executive producer, we could do this our way and kind of have fun with it and make this kind of a funny comedy. We didn’t want to have all of the drama and all that stuff, we wanted this to be lighthearted.”

That’s why Mike and Maryse don’t think of their show as a reality TV series — they see it more as a docuseries because they allowed cameras into their lives, filming during a crazy transitional period in their journey: on top of their busy traveling schedules as WWE Superstars, Maryse was pregnant with the couple’s first child — an adorable baby girl named Monroe Sky — and they were also in the midst of planning a cross-country move from LA to Austin. 

“The thing is, this show is based on our lives and you know, some shows will kind of create storylines,” Maryse explained. “We basically wanted to keep it real and it’s just the stories are what’s happening. So what’s happening right now? Right now, I was pregnant, I was going through planning the move from Los Angeles to Austin and I was trying to figure out being a first-time parent. So the cameras basically were following us as we go on everything.”

The result is a hilarious and raw look into Maryse and Mike’s lives, which they hope will help fans understand that they’re not really the bad guys they play on TV.

“We are known as villains in [the] WWE. I’ve had people come up to me and say, ‘Oh my gosh you’re actually really nice,’ and I’m like well, yes,” Maryse said. “I’m playing a character in the WWE, but people think that’s really us. They think that we are really…”

“They think that we’re a bunch of jerks,” Miz added, and Maryse laughed.

“So first of all, I think that we’re not like that. And as we go through normal things that any other normal people go through in life, we’re just trying to live our lives in between our schedule,” she continued. “There’s just so much happening, and [you] can see how we figure it out. It’s just very interesting because I think it’s a side of us that people don’t know.”

Be sure to tune into Miz & Mrs., airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m EST on USA.