If anyone is going to add his signature style to Skechers, it’s Mr. T! The A-Team icon teamed up with the popular shoe brand for a Super Bowl 2024 commercial, giving audiences a lesson in spelling alongside longtime ambassador Tony Romo

“Did you know there’s no T in Skechers?” Tony, 43, mused about the brand’s common spelling error. “Never has been.”

Mr. T, 71, was quick to point out the former quarterback’s error, busting through a wall to make his point stick. “What you talking about, Romo?” the Rocky III star said. “T is always in Skechers.” 

The legendary actor quickly showed the former athlete that his Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins shoes were appropriate for any occasion. “T in these Skechers Slip-ins,” Mr. T said as he showed off his muscles on Venice Beach, walked across lava, caught an impressive fish off the back of a boat and stood in front of a stunt van falling from the sky. 

“I pity the fool who has to touch his shoes to put ‘em on,” Mr. T said as he was shown in the Skechers design in increasingly dangerous settings. “I pity the fool who bends down to put on their shoes. I pity the fool who isn’t in Skechers Slip-ins,” he carried on, bringing his catchphrase back into the fold. 

“See, Romo?” Mr. T concluded, proving to the athlete that no matter the scenario, he’d be in his Skechers. “I’m just saying, people often misspell Skechers and put a T in it,” Tony quipped, to which Mr. T shot back, “Quit saying and start slipping, fool!”

Partnering with Mr. T to poke fun at the common misspelling of the shoe brand worked in Skechers’ favor. The former wrestler first started working with Skechers in 2023, with president Michael Greenberg admitting at the time, “The letter ‘t’ has never been part of our name but sometimes computers and voice-to-text apps autocorrect it the wrong way. Not that we are considering changing the spelling of our name, but it would have been foolish to say no to Mr. T – the only ‘t’ that belongs in Skechers.” 

Mr. T is just the latest celeb to work with the popular shoe brand. The 2024 Super Bowl ad marked the company’s 11th game day commercial, and they’ve featured the likes of Joe Montana, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Mark Cuban and music legend Willie Nelson in their campaigns.