The queen has spoken, y’all! On Sept. 26, modeling legend Naomi Campbell sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live to spill some tea and throw some shade! Her target of (un)affection? No other than Kendall Jenner

Here’s a little necessary backstory: During an interview with Love Magazine, Kenny opened up about how she chooses to navigate the modeling industry — and TBH, it was a total entitled disaster. “Since the beginning, we’ve been super selective about what shows I would do. I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the f–k those girls do. More power to ’em.” We know, right? Total eyeroll moment. 

Even after the 22-year-old apologized, Kendall’s not-so-considerate statement solidified her status as a pariah among the other models who bust their beautiful butts to make it big. Fast-forward to Naomi’s interview with Andy: When the Bravo host asked 48-year-old how she felt about Kendall being one of the highest-paid models in the game despite “cherry picking jobs,” Naomi’s response, or lack thereof, was iconic.”Next question,” she deadpanned. 

When all is said and done, Kendall Jenner is still going to get modeling jobs because, well, she’s Kendall Jenner. However, it’s empowering to see icons like Naomi standing up for the people in the modeling industry who don’t have the KUWTK star’s good luck and fortune. 

Oh, and in case you thought Naomi just stopped at shading Kendall, you thought wrong. The British beauty also had some comments on the Nicki Minaj/Cardi B fight heard round the world. When Andy asked if Naomi had attended the Harper’s Bazaar ICON party — where the confrontation took place — she replied, “No. It was called the ICON party, but there were no icons there.” Does anyone have a defibrillator? Our hearts just stopped. Never change, Naomi.