Bachelorette alum Nayte Olukoya slammed his ex-fiancée, Michelle Young, calling her claim that she donated the $200,000 gifted to the exes for a downpayment on a house “garbage.”

While appearing on the November 25 episode of the “Bachelor Rush Hour with Dave Neal” podcast, Nayte, 29, countered Michelle’s admission that she gave the money – given to them by ABC – away, shedding more light on the agreement they signed with the network.

“We did not get any of that money,” Nayte claimed, admitting he “knew” their relationship “wasn’t going to last.” “You can’t be upset about money that’s never touched your pocket. The money never touched our pockets.”

“I always thought that was hilarious,” Nayte further said of his ex’s donation claims. “We signed a contract of how that money gets sent out. There was only way we can get the money, if we put a down payment no ifs, ands or buts. If you break up or if you don’t use the money within the first year, neither one of us gets that money.”

The former Bachelor Nation couple – who got engaged at the end of season 18 – announced in separate statements that they were ending their relationship in June 2022, a process that Nayte felt was a “headache.” However, both admitted that the split was too heavy to process.

Are Bachelorette Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya Still Together or Engaged? Finale Spoilers
ABC/Craig Sjodin

One month after their breakup, Michelle, 30 addressed their $200,000 gift given to her and Nayte during the season 18 finale, explaining, “That was money that was gifted to both of us.”

“For me personally, I haven’t officially decided, but I kind of have started putting some different things in place to give back, to build an organization or just promote the change that I’ve been talking about. I think that would be something that I’d feel really good about,” she said during a July 2022 interview on “The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast.” “I’ve been crying on the phone with one of the producers and like, ‘Can I give this money? Like, can I create this to give the money to somebody else?’ she explained. “It’s something that I feel good about. I know that’s been the million-dollar question — no pun intended. But, yeah, it’s been a lot.”

Three months later, Nayte revealed that he broke up with Michelle over the phone during a September 2022 appearance on “The Viall Files” podcast. “Our relationship was tough,” he explained to host Nick Viall, not addressing the money at the time. “There was lots of ups and downs, lots of arguments, lots of fights and just not really clicking, not really seeing eye-to-eye.”

In December 2022, Michelle exclusively told Life & Style that she was “healed” from her split with Nayte. “I really did the work early on, and it’s a lot when so much is going on outside of you,” she explained. “You have to heal otherwise, you are going to constantly — like, your emotions depend on what is happening.”

Michelle has since moved on and went Instagram official with boyfriend Jack Leius in October 2023.