Well, that was emotional.

A source exclusively tells Life & Style that Nick Viall told producers he “felt like he was in hell” shortly before saying goodbye to 25-year-old Raven Gates during the finale of The Bachelor.

“He was having a complete breakdown and needed reassurance on who he was picking,” says the insider, adding that Nick was feeling “mixed emotions” and resorted to making a pros and cons list of the final two women to help make his decision.

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The source also mentions that Nick stopped filming three separate times to talk out his thoughts with host Chris Harrison because he was so unsure of his choice.

“I don’t know if I’m in love,” he tells Raven while breaking down in tears. “I know my heart’s somewhere else. I’m torn up inside letting you go. I feel like I’ve been so selfish trying to figure out where my heart is at. I’m sorry.”

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“Well, I never regret standing here and telling you how I feel,” she replies, before adding that she “knows” Nick will miss her.