When it comes to expressing herself, Cardi B is no stranger. That’s why it caught us by surprise when she admitted her husband and Migos rapper, Offset, intervenes in her social media rants by telling her to give them a rest. The craziest part is, it seems that she takes his advice… well, sometimes.

During the launch of her collaboration with Fashion Nova Wednesday, Nov. 14, the hip-hop star was asked if her hubby encourages her to take it a step back when posting about real life issues on social media. Cardi said yes.

E! News asked the new mom, “Is he ever like, ‘Cardi, baby, no more rants on Instagram for today?’ Does he ever try to help you? Stop you?” Cardi nonchalantly responded, “All the time… I just stay quiet like, ‘sorry dad.’ He’s like a dad. I swear to god he’s like a dad to me.” We love Cardi’s rants! Hopefully, she doesn’t take him too seriously.

On the other hand, Offset does help his wife unwind. She confessed that when they vacationed in the Dominican Republic, he encouraged her to spend less time on her phone and more time enjoying the present moment.

“It’s really hard for me to disconnect, but you know, my husband he was just like, ‘You know what? You need to go, you need a vacation,'” she told the outlet. “So he actually flew me out to the Dominican Republic and he took away my phone. He was like you’re only allowed to post and as soon as you post, you give it back to me.”

If we want Cardi B to keep slaying, we need to take a break every once in a while, so good for them! The “I Like It” rapper has been everywhere these days — she’s always releasing new music, recently become a fashion designer, and who knows what’s next!