Paris Hilton is clapping back at fans who commented on the size of son Phoenix‘s head, after she shared a series of sweet photos with him on October 20.

The following day, a TikTok creator made a video calling out those followers as “bullies” for making cruel comments and Paris, 42, responded, writing in the comment section, “There are some sick people in this world. My angel is perfectly healthy,” adding, “And yes, of course he has been to a doctor, he just has a large brain.” She included a crying face emoji to show how hurt she was, along with a shocked face emoji that people would make such judgements about her 9-month-old.

paris hilton son head size mocked
Courtesy of Paris Hilton/Instagram

Some of Paris’ followers seemed concerned about his head size, with one writing next to her post, “Does he have encephalitis? Like what is actually going on I’m not trying to be rude that doesn’t seem normal,” while another questioned, “He looks like maybe he has a form of craniosynostosis hope u have gotten that looked into.” One person thought he had, “Macrocephaly 🙁 my little cousin had it he had surgery and he looks normal now,” while another begged, “Beautiful baby has brain inflammation. This can be an autoimmune reaction. Please take your baby to an integrative functional pediatrician.”

Others weren’t so kind. One fan wrote, “We all can see it no need to comment … but I hope he’s OK,” while another snarked, “He needs a helmet.” A follower cruelly stated, “He can only use shirts with buttons.”

Fortunately, the entrepreneur’s fans had her back, telling Paris her son was beautiful while others were aghast at the comments. “How can people bully a baby? What is wrong with you? It’s an innocent little baby,” one follower wrote while another added, “Imagine … just imagine being a grown adult and making fun of baby … what a sick world we live in.” One woman asked the heiress, “Please Paris, shut down the comment section, those people are evil,” as another added, “As a mom these comments hurt my heart. He’s beautiful.”

Paris and husband Carter Reum welcomed Phoenix via surrogate on January 16, 2023. “You are already loved beyond words,” she wrote in the Instagram announcement about his birth, showing a photo of his little hand holding her finger. In a post the following month, Paris gushed, “From the moment I laid eyes on him, my heart felt so full. I feel like my life is so complete now. I always wanted to be a mom,”