Despite being a world-famous DJ and reality star, Pauly DelVecchio’s foremost role is being a father to his daughter, Amabella. So much so, that the MTV personality, 38, can’t help but gush over his 5-year-old every chance he gets. “I just love spending time with her,” Pauly told Us Weekly.

“She loves coming to Las Vegas, so we’ll spend some time outside. She loves going in the pool, playing outdoors. We might take the four wheelers out and hit the dessert,” he continued of the duo’s Father’s Day plans.

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James Devaney/GC Images

“She has her own little four wheeler, stuff like that. And then she loves jumping on the turntables, as well. So, we’ll do another little DJ lesson.” Ummm, the image of Pauly teaching Amabella how to DJ is almost too cute for us to handle.

Speaking of deejaying, Pauly’s little lady is fully aware that her dad isn’t an ordinary parent. However, the Jersey Shore alum uses his fame as an opportunity to teach his daughter valuable life lessons.

“She knows I’m a DJ, she knows I have these huge crowds. She knows what an influencer is, she calls me famous when I go to the airport … people yell my name, Pauly explained. “She sees that. She is already aware, so I tell her that I use that for good, to bring awareness to causes like this,” he said referring to his partnership with F Cancer.

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentleman, it looks like the G in GTL, has gone from tanning to taking care of my daughter. We stan a responsible glow-up! You can catch Amabella’s first-ever TV appearance on a Double Shot of Love airing on Thursday, May 30, on MTV at 8 p.m. ET.

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