If Kylie Jenner‘s still walking around thinking everybody believes her plumped up lips are real, she better get ready for a serious reality slap.

The hashtag #KylieJennerChallenge took over social media last night and resulted in a lot of people with very sore, inflamed mouths. It’s safe to say pretty much everyone failed the challenge, which means the question is still left unanswered — how does the 17-year-old get her enviable pout?

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Aren’t familiar with the Kylie Jenner Challenge? Allow us to explain …

To start the challenge, you’re supposed to suck on a bottle like this:

kylie jenner lips

You pretty much continue to do so until the pain is unbearable, and then you’re left with something like this:

kylie jenner lips 2

Yeah, the results are NOT pretty.

kylie jenner lips 3

And appear to be very painful.

kylie jenner lips 4

Kylie’s fans were seriously disappointed by their swollen lips.

kylie jenner lips 5

But did they really expect this to work?

kylie lips

It’s clear only Kylie Jenner can pull off the Kylie Jenner lips like a pro.

kylie jenner

According to Kylie, no plastic surgery was required to achieve these lips. But for the record, these photos below were taken two years apart.

kylie jenner