It’s in their genes. Backstage tantrums, big paydays and custom costume demands are part of the concert package with these pop stars’ talented kids!

Pink and Willow Learn Family Values

Willow Hart has belted out songs and performed acrobatics alongside mom Pink on stage — and she gets paid to work on the star’s current Summer Carnival tour. Earlier this year, Pink, 44, explained how she taught Willow, 12, to value her worth: When the tween said she’d take $20 an hour instead of the $22.50 offered because “it’s easier to do the math,” Pink said no. “‘That’s not how you negotiate for yourself,’” she told Willow. “I’m like, ‘You’ll take $25 so it’s easier math.”

Beyoncé and Blue: Who Really Runs the Show?

Like mother, like daughter! Night after night this year, Blue Ivy Carter, 11, performed as a dancer alongside Beyoncé on the Renaissance world tour during the song “My Power.” Bey, 42, “has said for years that Blue reminds her of herself but she’s even more self-assured,” says a source. “She even gives Beyoncé performance advice!” Rumor has it “Blue earns $40,000 per show, which is 100 times more than most dancers make,” adds the source. “But she’s become a draw herself. Some fans bought tickets just to see Blue dance with her mom.”

Mariah and Monroe: Divas Stick Together

After impressing fans with her vocal chops during Mariah Carey’s holiday tour last year, Monroe Cannon is eager to do it again, says an insider. Like her diva mom, 54, Monroe, 12, “loves glamour and knows what she wants. It’s not unheard of for her to throw a tantrum backstage if she doesn’t get her way,” says the insider. Unbothered Mariah can’t wait to enjoy herself on another festive tour, which kicks off in November. “She’s known to indulge with a bottle or two of bubbly,” adds the insider, “sometimes even on stage!”

Blue Ivy dancing
Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood

J. Lo and Emme: A Momager in the Making

At just 11, Emme Muñiz took the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show stage with Jennifer Lopez, 54, and last year joined Mom for a charity concert duet. While twin Max “has little interest” in the spotlight, says a source, Emme, now 15, “loves to sing, write and perform and is intrigued by acting as well.” J. Lo is wholly supportive. “She’ll be hands-on in assisting Emme’s career,” notes the source, “and no doubt be a world-class momager.”

Alicia and Egypt: Double the Piano Prodigies

He got it from his mama! Egypt Dean, 13, dazzles on piano — just like his Grammy-winning mother, Alicia Keys, who revealed she was stunned when, during one of her 2022 concerts, “he jumped on stage and he put together a whole piano moment.” Describing it as “really incredible,” the 42-year-old recalled, “He was so not shy that I was just like, ‘Who are you?’” Alicia said she won’t pressure Egypt to keep performing publicly but feels grateful she can give him “an opportunity to try.”

Madonna and Estere: Taking a Bow Side by Side

While Madonna, 65, has always proudly showcased her children’s creative talents on social media, daughter Estere, 11, “is stepping out as a star on her new Celebration tour,” says a source, pointing to a segment where Madge and eldest daughter Lourdes Leon, 27, watch Estere dance to “Vogue.” “Madonna is demanding of her dancers and rehearsals are known to be exhausting. But Estere loves it and even insists on custom costumes — including four-inch heels!”