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Remember Lucy Pevensie From ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’?! Wait Until You See Georgie Henley Today!

Ten years ago, a little movie (and by little, we mean huge) called The Chronicles of Narnia was released. Yeah, we'll let the fact it's been a DECADE since its release sink in for a moment…

Good? Good! Because get ready to feel even older when you see Georgie Henley — the actress who portrayed Lucy Penvensie (the youngest Pevensie kid who stumbles upon Narnia in the wardrobe) — at 19-years-old today!

She went on to star in a couple of more films before taking time off to study at the University of Cambridge in England in 2012. While there, she performed in several stage plays.

Present-day Georgie is quite busy, as she's currently writing and directing her first short film TIDE. Not too shabby for a 19-year-old!

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