A bicoastal Housewives feud! Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge has slammed Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice for being a “bad friend” after Tre dissed her for having Caroline Manzo as a guest on her “Two T’s in Pod” podcast, where they discussed a controversial encounter with her Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip costar Brandi Glanville

Tamra, 55, said on the Friday, April 21, episode that she was initially going to “ignore” some of Teresa’s comments on her own podcast but ultimately decided, “Not today forehead, not today ding dong, not today jailbird – I’m not having it!” referring to the 11 months Teresa, 50, spent in prison in 2014 following a fraud conviction.

Tre had already called out Tamra and her cohost, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp, as “s–t starters” for discussing Real Housewives drama during their Bravo hot topics podcast amid a March 30 appearance on “Up and Adam Live.”

The feud escalated when RHONJ alum Caroline, 61, appeared on Tamra and Teddi’s April 7 podcast to discuss the falling out she had with Brandi. The former model had reportedly tried to kiss Caroline during a trip to Morocco, and other reports claimed she inappropriately touched her costar. Peacock ultimately launched an investigation into the matter.

Caroline responded to Brandi’s March 30 tweet that read, “I’m f–ing sick of this narrative. I was hired for a 2nd season of girls trip cuz they LOVED what I did on 1st season I was told to bring the party just like before & that’s exactly what I did & I was punished for it. It feels like a f–king set up. Its BS & Caroline was fine [sic].”

Not true according to Caroline, who called her experience with Brandi “very traumatic for me.” She continued, “This is a really large onion with a lot of layers, and I guess it will play out.”

“That statement is disappointing to me. I don’t want to talk too much about because I’m going through a lot with it and I’m processing it all,” Caroline continued, adding that she would  “never” do  Girls Trip again after what went down with Brandi.

Teresa later took Brandi’s side and seemed to hint that Tamra and Teddi were stirring to pot to get Brandi into even more trouble. In an April 19 episode of her “Namaste B$tches,” podcast, Tre said, “I feel bad for you, Brandi, just because I feel like no one should go through this. If you sign up to be on a TV show together, then you’re in it together. Nobody should take anybody’s job away … especially a single mom. I would never wanna do that.”

“It’s sad cuz Brandi’s a single mom. She’s raising two sons. And it’s like sad. I would never wanna take someone’s job away, I’m not into that. I’m so not into that,” Teresa continued. “I was a single mom at one point. You shouldn’t try to hurt someone … I just don’t like anybody’s job taken away.”