She’s not into it. Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott spoke with Life & Style exclusively about her ongoing feud with costar Stephanie Hollman — and she even dished on whether or not she could see the two southern ladies putting their problems behind them in the future.

“I put myself out there this past summer and asked her to start working out with me since I really wanted to get to know her outside of the show since she was the only one who I felt like wouldn’t open up to me,” the 36-year-old explained exclusively. “Seeing the footage of the past few episodes of her talking to several people about me behind my back but never coming to me directly about these issues makes me extremely sad.”

Real Housewives of Dallas Stars at Leanne Locken's Wedding
Peter Larsen/Bravo

Ultimately, all Kam is looking for is honesty, you know, if these two ever let bygones be bygones. “I was surprised to hear that she was still suffering from depression, I had no idea, and I would be there for her just as I have for other friends in my life who suffer from mental illness,” she said. “Honesty is really important to me in a relationship and I would hope she could handle a friendship based on honesty.”

But she’s also not too happy with the 37-year-old’s choice of words, either. “Calling someone a bully is not a word Stephanie should throw around lightly. It’s upsetting she uses this word so easily. There are so many children who do get bullied in today’s world and it’s not something to use to just get personal attention on a reality TV show.”

“I have two small children and it’s important to show them great values and that bullying is wrong on any level. I also never want to make anyone feel lesser and I take great pride in teaching my children this,” she continued. “I teach them to never speak down to anyone and everyone is equal. To hear this about me, believe me, I’m just as surprised as anyone was to hear this!”

At the end of the day, Kameron just thinks her connection with Steph should be less stressful than it tends to be. “On the other hand it’s also sad that people can’t handle small bites of criticism without taking it personally sometimes,” she said. “A true friend should always be able to be honest and open.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper