She might just be our new favorite Kar-Jenner baby. Rob Kardashian took to social media to post a new photo of his sweet daughter, Dream, and we honestly can’t stop laughing at the whole thing. Please, feast your eyes, folks.

“LOL she like Dad leave me alone 😆😩😍🙏💙,” the 31-year-old dad captioned the hilarious pic of his 2-year-old making the most aggravated face at her dad. LOL, we’re dying! We’ve all had those moments with our parents, some of which we were probably too little to remember without proof. So thanks, Rob, for documenting the look on your daughter’s face for posterity. We have a feeling you’ll want to show her how sassy she was when she grows up.

Commenters also couldn’t help but compare the little cutie’s features to her daddy’s. “She is literally your twin,” one follower said. Another added, “Rob, she has your whole face!”

Some followers felt compelled to comment on the kind of father the former KUWTK star has grown to be. “I’m sure your father is being very proud of you and the amazing man and father that you have become,” read one comment about his parenting. “I’ve never met a father as devoted and loving as you, Rob! Dream is so lucky to have you as her father,” read another.

Considering the drama between Rob and his baby mama, Blac Chyna, it’s good that the 2-year-old has a support system like her dad. Chy and Rob don’t have the best co-parenting relationship, and the 30-year-old model recently slammed Rob on an Instagram Live over their ongoing child support issues. She is also rumored to be dating Soulja Boy, while Rob’s moved on with Alexis Skyy.

Though Rob rarely gets in front of the camera himself, it’s clear that he loves to put his daughter in the spotlight sometimes to document her life. Can you say #ParentLife? Four out of five of his sisters are parents as well and you know we always see them snapping cute pics of their babies, too. Seems like it runs in the family, y’all.